What Identification do I need to bring with me?
If you are Canadian traveling within Canada, one piece of photo ID is required
If you are Canadian traveling to the United States or Internationally, you must have a passport that will be valid for 6 months after the date of return
If you are an international visitor entering Canada, your Passport, Visa and Entry Requirements are solely your responsibility
Atlantic Tours assumes no responsibility for any individual who cannot provide this documentation or is denied entrance at any border

When will I receive the tour documents for my tour?
Tour Documents are typically emailed at least 3 weeks prior to the departure date, providing full payment has been received. If you prefer to have the documents mailed to you, please let us know and we can accommodate.

Where do I meet the tour?
This depends on the tour you have booked and will be listed on your tour documents. Please contact us for pickup locations pertaining to your specific tour.

Can I leave my car at the pickup location?
For the majority of our tours, parking for the duration of the tour is not included and arrangement must be made on your own.

What should I pack?
This really depends on where you are going! We do recommend you prepare or all types of weather and bring a variety of clothes.
Don't forget to have any prescriptions you may need in their original bottles, passport/photo ID, copies of your travel insurance policy along with anything else you may need!

Do I need to be vaccinated?
The health and safety of guests remain top priority and while we highly recommend travelers are vaccinated against COVID-19, after Mar. 1, 2023, we no longer require vaccination for our tours. Some destinations and transportation operators - like airlines - have their own rules and regulations and we will follow policies as laid out by other providers. It is the responsibility of travelers to understand and comply with those policies.

What currency do I need?
It is recommended to bring a small amount of the local currency and use debit/credit cards along the way- it's not advisable to carry large amounts of cash. While many places in Canada will accept US Dollar, the exchange rate will vary.

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